1. What features does the Made4Mama Nursing Cover offer?

 Made4Mama is designed with an Elastic Drawstring Neckline to provide custom fit, also multiple ways to be worn. (i.e. over either shoulder, or over both as poncho). 

*Has large dual purpose front pocket for must haves. When done, cover can quickly be stuffed in pocket for convenient storage. 

*Wristlet attached for hands-free carrying.

*Can be worn as scarf for easy access.

*More and more uses are being discovered! 


2. Do Made4Mama Nursing Covers have boning?

Made4Mama Nursing Covers were designed without boning. Based on feedback by nursing moms: 

*Boning shifts, making it difficult to "stay put".

*When washed, boning twists and rarely keeps its shape.

*Boning doesn't really allow for moms to see their babies (more of a hassle).


3. How do you see the baby while nursing?

Our unique Elastic Drawstring Neckline, allows for the nursing mom to adjust the cover to her preference.  She can tighten it for more privacy, or loosen it for easy view of baby. The Drawstring Stopper makes it easy to find and "keep" your perfect fit in place.


4. What do Made4Mama Nursing Covers, actually cover?

 Our design offers 360° coverage! You will be modestly nursing from every angle! 


5. How do I care for my nursing cover? 

Machine Wash cold, Tumble Dry low.


6. How do I know the cover will fit me? 

The Standard Size is designed to fit most. Proper fit will be loose, with ability to comfortably nurse baby. Should you need a custom size, visit our How To Measure page via Made4Mamas.com. You can also contact Sarah with any questions. 


7. When I place my order, who is it sent to?

Owner/ Designer Sarah Rose receives all orders and fulfills them personally. Any contact made through the fb page or website will get you in touch with Sarah directly. 


8. With so many options out there for covers, why should I choose Made4Mama? 

Made4Mama was designed with You, the mama in mind. It is Sarah's personal goal to accommodate every nursing mom's need through a design that's fashionable, functional, and fun! Why waste precious time, money, and let's face it, energy trying to find the right one? Made4Mama has it all!


Made4Mama is not mass produced, rather crafted from start to finish by Sarah, therefore each cover is given the attention to quality every mama deserves. 


We know you'll enjoy your Made4Mama Nursing Cover!!

(Frequently Asked Questions)


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"Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward." Psalm 127:3 KJV