Wondering if the Standard size will fit you? 


Here's how to measure for width: 


Place both hands beneath your bust line, finger tips touching. Arms should form a triangle. Then, with help or by yourself wrap a measuring tape around you, so that it lands just above your elbows. Keep in mind you want your cover to fit loosely, and it is made of a stretchy, loose material. If you pull the measuring tape around front, and still have a few inches, or meet the 60" mark, this width should work for you. If you bring it around and can see that you cannot meet the 60" mark, but will need more, add additional width based on your comfort level. 



How to measure for length: 


Hold the measuring tape at the base of your neck and go down 28". Keep in mind when draped over one shoulder, the length will be longer. If at 28" this provides comfortable coverage, you can keep with the Standard. If you think it may be too short, add additional length per your preferences.


If you have a small frame and are concerned the Standard size may be too big, I am happy to make a smaller size cover for you! When choosing Custom Measurements, please note any Width added will be 60" + , and Length added 28" +.


i.e. Adding 10" to width will make the cover 70" wide (round) Adding 5" in Length will make the cover 33" neckline to hem. Likewise, going smaller in W or L will reduce the Standard measurements.


Any custom measurements given will be Verified, and Confirmed before the cover is made.

Measuring width
Measuring length

How to Measure for Fit

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