I ordered one of the new ring sling carriers and I'm in love!! Strong and sturdy fabric, beautiful rich color, and soft enough not to irritate baby skin!! Fast shipping and great customer service!! The only request I would have is to make it a bit longer so I have more tail to work with for bigger babies or if I were to gain weight. Overall-My baby loves this sweet new ride and I love having my hands free!!

**Made4Mama now carries 2yd and 3yd options**



Ollie isn't happy about dropping brother off at preschool, he wants to stay and play too! But he does love his sweet new ride... a beautiful #ringslingmade by a God fearing, birth loving, doula friend of mine Sara! #Made4Mama is her business! Check it out! #babywearingmama #wearallthebabies#handsfree #handmade #smallbusiness

Emily T.

Sling Review

Sarah is great at what she does. She was my doula back in June. Sarah is very knowledgeable about labor and the ways to make you more comfortable. I am so glad that we met when we did!! Give her a call thanks again for the great experience!


Courtney P

Doula Review

I love my cover that I won I used it 2 times in the hospital when family came to see our sweet daughter on Wednesday it was so helpful I love the material

Kimberly M

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At first I wasn't a fan of the cover. Which was sad cuz Sarah is one of my best friends and of course I wanna support her business. But my son had latching problems and HATED the cover over him. So half the time I'd just excuse my self to fed him. I love my utter cover as it has an opening for me to see him and it works well for us. Well anyway when I went back to work ( I'm a nanny.) and well the 4 year old is a tad curious at what I'm doing.... Well the cover I currently use can easily show him what's going on and he also likes to try and lift it up! Well with the Made for Mama cover that isn't even an issue cuz he can't lift it up!!! Plus half the time now he doesn't even notice it. I just say it's a blanket for Liam. Which is true, but it just saves us from questions that he doesn't exactly need to learn from his nanny.... It's also great for when I'm at restaurants! I don't have to worry about flashing anyone! This seriously is awesome and keeps you modest and safe! No flashing! And plus with it getting colder it's nice and warm for him! Another bonus is I like to do skin to skin as much as possible and this just adds some warmth with out having to try and hold him, a Blanket and keep him latched!

Love it tons!

Amber G

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I was a little skeptical at first since it totally covers all around (which I agree would be nice), but wasn't sure if I would be able to get my baby latched on or check on him if he was nursing. So I finally decided to at least try it, I would love to have one that covers better (I have one from udder covers which I used with my last two boys) when I am out and about, at church, or at the in-laws. I talked with Sarah and she sent me one. I got to try it out at church. I struggled with making it tighter and a friend showed me how that worked, which is super easy, I just wasn't thinking. I was able to nurse my baby in Sunday School and then the ultimate test - at our church wide Christmas party - with everyone there sitting in a huge circle in chairs. I took out my nursing cover and another friend, was sitting by me was very impressed. I was able to nurse discreetly and modestly. Also, when we got my package in the mail, my husband was super impressed and loved it. He sews himself and said that this cover was a genius idea and was in awe at how well it was made, he liked the bungy cord for the drawstring. I am soooo very thankful I have one. If you are a nursing mother and nurses out and about this is so perfect.

Amy H

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Absolutely LOVE my cover. It completely covers everything And I get so many compliments how cute my scarf is. ;) I'm excited to also try it as a car seat cover when baby number 3 comes! Best nursing cover I have found!

Kendra K.

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